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Scanner Pregnant Xray Prank


Your girlfriend comes to you and says that shes pregnant ? Youre sick of these lies ?Your wife has a baby?Do you want to find out whats inside your wifes abdomen ?You want to know what she has like " boy or girl " ?. By this Xray scanner that we created especially for you !Be careful of your wife because she can be a shock with this ultrasonics scanner ! Its very funny X ray scanner !Come with us , youll surprised with this skaner games Scanner Pregnant X-ray This joke game is an ultrasonics app that allows you to scan your girls abdomen even all the womens to detect if theyre pregnant or not .Trick your friends by this ultrasound scanner app and showing them that your phone can ultrasound scanning .Make your girlfriend to see if she has a child. Its always interesting and funny X raysWant you to use this scanner cam ?. From now just hold your phone cam to above their abdomen and move this ultrasound app on it for showing them their kidney ultrasound, abdomen ultrasound , the conclusion of this thing is that you can trick your girlfriend that shes pregnant by showing her that your phone can do pregnancy test and you have a magic ultrasound scanner app in your phone .You should do an ultrasound scanning in quick steps after that go to show her thats she is pregnant !! Make an ultrasound with your mobile phone and watch your the baby of your girlfriend how its looks like ! Dont forget that this app is just a joke app, because it is technically not possible to ultrasound with a smartphone. But the beautiful thing of this prank scanner thats your girlfriend doesnt know thatss a joke app so get your opportunity and trick her with this free x ray !How tu use Scanner Pregnant Xray :- First thing that I Am advising you to download this best x ray scanner if you dont hesitate ofcourse .- Start the ultrasound app.- Select an image for ultrasound result test or for ultrasound pranks.- Finally you will get the image of ultrasound test result.This application was created just for joking ! Practice you This scanner game .Download the game is completely free from now and use it anywhere with anyone you want !Thank you for your appropriate choosing to us between others scanner games for abdomen . We will thank you more if Leave to us a feedback and makes some stars ★★★★★Disclaimer : This Scanner Pregnant Xray : is just prank because no Smartphone can do a real an ultrasound